ACCDB Password

ACCDB Password 2018.05.05

Password Recovery tool for MS Access 2007 - 2013 accdb, accde, accdm databases.

ACCDB Password is advanced and extremely fast password recovery tool for MS Access databases (.accdb, .accde, etc.) with CryptoAPI (Access 2007 format) and AES encryption (Access 2010 - 2016 format).

Several configurable attacks can be queued: Dictionary (with several languages included), Brute-force with length and charset selectable and Mixed (combinations of independent parts based on dictionary, brute-force or fixed).

Advanced keyboard layouts-aware recovery technique (on the fly conversion from one keyboard layout to another).

Char replacement option (e.g. A,a with @ or Z,z with 2, etc.)

Highly optimized code (SSE2, AVX, AVX2) and GPU (AMD, NVIDIA, Intel) utilization guarantees fastest recovery speed.

Latest Intel HD Graphics GPUs can be used for password recovery acceleration.

Fine-tuned code is used for AMD R9 and NVIDIA Maxwell cards.

For example: Access 2007 password recovery speed on Intel Core i3 4130 at 3.40GHz is 7 500 000 (7.5 millions) passwords per second.

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ACCDB Password


ACCDB Password 2018.05.05

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